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VOIP Phone Services: Switch to VOIP phone system and using a single networking system, and enjoy low cost telephone services.

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Voice Over IP Solutions and Service

Techiosos can provide you all the needs whether it’s the traditional telephonic network or a VoIP Phone System. Here we can design, recommend and install any type of solution that will fit your telephonic needs. The professional staff here can fix any type of company model telephone that you prefer or you can take their advice if you are not sure.

With the evolution of this new telephonic technology known as VoIP which uses data packets’ transfer in a single network, more and more business are trying to get their hands on it. This is due to the fact that it is less costly and it’s better than the old telephony ways.

The advanced internet-based telephony makes VoIP a viable telecom solution to all the businesses, whether large or small. The reason this is happening is because of the cost, it equalizes the costs of long distance calls, local calls, and e-mails to fractions of a penny per use. And the other reason is that it empowers businesses to customize telecom and datacom solution using a single networking platform.

With VoIP the telephone becomes another device that shares the network, the IP devices are all connected to the same network, and the same network that provides the telephone service also provides internet access, database access and email for your PC.