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Voip Phone Services

Now the digital technology and the internet have rapidly increased their value by providing best services. They have turned regular telephone service for the generation. This change has setup a small little telephone exchange more smoothly. With the latest IP technology, they have moved towards the key to success.

What you need to do?

To get yourself connected with multiple locations across the world, you all need to do an act of implementation of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).

Avail more benefits by Techiosos

Techiosos has developed this speechless VOIP service for you. We are here with more benefits. You just need to be available and accessible because it is a platform where you can play the double role of sorts. Take the best benefit of a very cost-effective VOIP service in comparison to international standards fro telephony services. These services are low-maintenance, efficient, and cost effective, providing your business an extensive support by connecting you with your gatherings.

Any Query? Contact us!

Feel free to contact us for the implementation of VOIP services if you need it in your setup. Take your time and give a look to some key features of this technology, which you can also add in your existing setup. These key features are:

  •   Phone Based Computer Support
  •   Call Waiting
  •   Auto Redial
  •   Call Forwarding
  •   Call Transfer
  •   Do Not Disturb
  •   3-Way Calling
  •   Distinctive Ringing
  •   Caller ID Name and Number
  •   Speed Dial Numbers
  •   Voicemail, Voicemail to E-mail
  •   Fax Calls (Outgoing and Incoming), etc.
  •   By Voice Switch/EPABX system, Distribution of telephone lines.
  •   Attaining the call-center requirements through network infrastructure setup with Router, Switch, Dialing server, Desktop & Headsets, Etc.
  •   Call routing by implementing E1/T1 connectivity to the ISP (Internet Service Provider).

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